Two plus One Equals Flexibility

Many people these days appreciate the luxury of a three-car garage. This two + one design at the Fulton Homes Oasis at Freeman Farms community provides extra flexibility. Here are just a few of the possibilities of this choice.

Bonus room option: The one-car garage space can be converted to a bonus room. This could be used as a home office, home gym, playroom or even a man cave. Whatever you could use an extra room for – you’re ready. It can be changed and re-planned many times to fit you and your family’s changing needs. Consider adding some generic built-ins along one wall for extra storage.

Teenager car location: Are you concerned about your child’s aim when he or she comes into the garage? Does that auto of doubtful antecedents leak oil? Are you finding that garage clutter seems to multiply around your child’s vehicle? Well, give them their own garage and then you can just shut the door and pretend it doesn’t exist!

Garage-type storage space: Would you like your garage to look as beautiful and controlled as the ones in our models? How about using that extra one-car garage for bikes, sports equipment or other garage-related items? You could also look at it as a one-car main –floor attic and use it to store suitcases, holiday decorations and out-of-season clothes.

Your own private garage: Find that no matter what you do the double garage moves out of control? Between the kids and your spouse, a garage can become a large room-sized catch-all for various odds and ends. If you’re fighting a losing battle at home, claim the one-car garage for yourself. As you silently pull into your clean and inviting garage space, you can simply put that “other” garage out of your mind.

Whatever you choose to do with these spaces, enjoy the fun of making them yours when you live in this smart Fulton Home.