Understanding Scale

When you’re designing your home, there’s more involved than color and texture. Be sure to factor in the scale of your furniture and accessories.

Take a look at your rooms, particularly the ceiling height. If your rooms are large with high ceilings, you can choose furniture that is bigger in scale and it will look just right in the space.

On the other hand, if your rooms are small and cozy with lower ceilings, the same piece of furniture or accessory may look completely out of proportion. For example, take a look at that large rawhide bone in the mouth of the black Great Dane. It fits perfectly in his mouth and he looks content and correct. In the same way a large sofa can command respect in a big open space, but might take over a smaller room.

Let’s take a look at what happens when an accessory takes over by being too large for its location, as in the photo to the left. The same bone that looks so perfect with the Great Dane overpowers the Chihuahua, and makes both bone and dog look silly. Moving back into the home, take a look at the living room below. This room shows how perfect proportion makes even a simply-decorated room work.

The matching sofas and pair of chairs perfectly fill the available space in the room. The square coffee table is well proportioned to fit among the upholstered pieces. Dark and light tones work well together, balanced across the entire room. When you plan your home design, remember this room and the two dogs. Although they seem to be friends, it’s better if they both stick with bones in the right scale.