Displaying Family Photos

18886173_MThe image to the left shows a standard approach to displaying family photos. This provides a charming way to use a mantel while enabling you to keep family pictures close.

By choosing frames of various materials, shapes and sizes the look stays lively. Including items that add height such as the candlestick and mirror also help the display.

The final reason for success comes from the decision to stay in the same color family with the frames and other display pieces. Warm brown, gold and cream link together to make everything feel cohesive. Don’t hesitate to mix frame styles when you’re sharing a collection of family photos. This helps make the look seem spontaneous and casual rather than planned.

13568701_SToday’s photo displays don’t have to follow traditional patterns. You can vary your approach to displaying as much as you can vary the look of the photos themselves. Take a look at this set of three black & white photos of a father and his newborn, for example.

The photos were selected from a much larger number of shots, illuminated with a single light in a dark room. By showing only parts of the parent and child, an image comes through of a strong connection and lots of love.

The simple wire and clothespin display suits the delicate simplicity of the photos. Depending upon the size of the photos, you could hang them at the end of a hall or in a corner by the front door. Or this might be an appealing addition to the nursery. Photos could be added and changed as the baby grows.

For more ideas on displaying photos, visit the Fulton Homes Family Photo Tips Pinterest Board at: http://www.pinterest.com/fultonhomes/family-photo-tips/.