Summer Safety Reminders

12658846_SWith the end of the school year freedom is within sight for children. Be sure to reinforce safety issues as school schedules give way to more free time and the summer heat comes back.

Sun Safety: Today’s sunburns lead to tomorrow’s problems with skin cancer. Set a standard approach to the sun with your children, including when and how long they spend outside and the application and regular re-application of sunscreen. For more insights, check out this FDA video about sunscreen selection and application.

Heat Safety: This can be a serious issue in the Arizona desert. Be sure to discuss drinking water with your children as heat rises. Buy water containers and thermos choices and make sure they understand the importance of staying hydrated.

Traffic Safety: Drivers without children will be startled when school’s last day brings kids out into the streets again. You may want to review the basics of pedestrian and bike safety, and make sure their bikes and bike helmets are in good repair.

Water Safety: Make sure to have a designated adult present to play lifeguard when kids are in or around a pool. Set safety rules limiting horseplay in or near a pool, with time-outs for anyone who doesn’t want to follow them. Make sure your children know how to swim and make sure you know how to handle basic first aid and CPR.

This summer can be amazing and fun for everyone in your family. With a strategy of safety, you can ensure that everyone enjoys the next few months.