Dog Walking Etiquette & Safety

dog-454145_1280 - CopyMost dogs love to go for walks and to meet new people and other dogs. But if you plan to have your children take your dog for walks, you may want to teach them some basic dog manners. Children who love dogs tend to assume that everyone loves dogs, but there are other children and even adults who either don’t like or are afraid of dogs. The following tips are helpful to keep everyone comfortable around your dog.

Train your dog not to jump on people: Many people are uncomfortable with dogs that jump on them, and older people have trouble keeping their balance if even a smaller dog jumps up against them. Jumping is a natural tendency for dogs because they like to see a person’s face, but they can be trained not to do it with a bit of effort.

Have your children ask if people would like to pet your dog before bringing it over: Many people will want to but some will have no interest. If you have a friendly dog who wants to say hi to everyone, it’s only polite to ask first. Most dog lovers will ask you if your dog is friendly and likes to be petted before approaching.

If your dog doesn’t like other people, keep him or her on a tight leash around others. Don’t bring your pet into a crowded area.

If your dog doesn’t get along with other dogs, keep him or her on a tight leash and far from other animals. If the dog is too much for your child to control – too big or too untrained – don’t let them take the leash in a potentially compromising situation such as around other people or dogs.

Well mannered dogs are a joy to be around and create a safe and enjoyable neighborhood.