Choosing Carpeting

As this photo from Fulton Home’s design center demonstrates, choices today for carpeting are about more than just color. Different textures, heights and even patterns and sculptured effects are now available.

The most common carpet type in use today is still cut pile. This category includes textured plush, which is a  flexible enough look for whole house carpeting in busy households because its’ surface hides footprints and vacuum marks.

Saxony and plush (velvet) are more formal. Plush shows footprints and vacuum marks quite a bit, but the texture is luxurious. This makes it best for more formal spaces and low-traffic areas.

Frieze has become more and more popular. Its textured surface comes from very twisted yarns. This carpeting has a very casual look and also minimizes evidence of traffic on its surface.

Color is a critical component of your choice. With today’s easier-to-clean carpeting, it’s possible to choose a lighter color without risking spots. Lighter colors open up a room and darker colors can make a large space feel cozier. Most people will choose a neutral tone but if you’re feeling bold, why not try a color that works well with your furniture or window coverings? If you have tile and carpeting in the same area, be sure that the colors complement each other.

You will also want to ensure that the carpeting you choose works well with your paint choices. At Fulton’s design center, you can compare your carpet possibilities with the paint option you chose, to ensure that they work well together. Set your carpet samples on the floor so that you can see how they look at that angle.

For more advice on selecting the right carpeting for you, talk to your designer or come to one of our browse nights and take a look at your choices.