Design Tips: A bit of Nature

14892527_SIn our last blog we mentioned that the plant provided a welcome diagonal element, but it also provides something else – a natural element to expand the décor.

By including a bit of nature in your home’s décor, you bring the outside in, add texture and color and connect your home with the world.

Don’t limit your thinking to houseplants. If you have a brown thumb, you can rely on dried plants, fresh flowers or other natural elements such as the bundle of grasses laying on the table in the photo above.

8089534_SThe kitchen to the right comes alive thanks to the fresh flowers and vegetables on the counter. And although these items are only temporary additions, notice the glass jars of rice and other dried items on the back counter. These provide ongoing natural elements in the room.

As you can see a touch of nature warms up a space and adds personality and interest. You can choose seasonal natural elements if you wish to keep your home even more in tune with nature.

8437116_SYou don’t have to go overboard to make a statement, and don’t limit yourself to tables and counters. Take a look at how this chair creates a fall image with the addition of just a few pumpkins and some dried foliage. The chair and glass vase may be everyday design elements, but by adding the seasonal natural touches, autumn is present in the home.


One final point: think small as well as large when adding a touch of nature. This table setting moves from standard to special with a bit of nature tucked into the napkin ring. It’s up to you to let nature to inspire you to add this type of special touch to your home.