Preparing for Summer: Staying Cool

7226666_SNo matter how interesting you make the inside environment, you can’t spend your entire summer in air conditioning. What can you do to keep your family and yourself cool in the summer heat? As we head into the tough months in Arizona, here are a few ideas to make your summer more enjoyable.

Cool the car: We’ve all seen those dashboard screens to shield our cars from the summer sun. They may seem like a nuisance but they really make a difference. With youngsters in the back seat, consider a cooler filled with cool packs in the trunk. Drop one in each child’s lap to move around and cool off. Keep some small bottles or containers of water to keep everyone hydrated.

Focus on water: Make sure everyone in your family drinks enough water. Water bottles or glasses that are color coordinated for each family member can help remind everyone to drink water during the day. Include water when running errands and encourage breaks for water and cool foods when they are playing.

Cold food: Keep chunks of watermelon, other melons, and strawberries in the fridge ready to grab for a snack. If your family likes frozen treats, look for fruit-based low or no sugar pops, or make your own with fruit juice. Freeze fruit juice into cubes to add to water or lemonade for an extra treat. Frozen grapes are also tasty and fun.

Make a splash: If you have a pool, a dip several times a day will keep everyone cooler. Even without a pool, turn on the hose and spray your family to take advantage of the natural cooling power of evaporating water.

Plan a few things like this and you can make the summer a better experience for everyone in your family. And you can always hang a few photos of people shoveling snow to remind you why you