Choosing Your Cabinet Style

Fulton CabinetsWhen you select cabinets for your new Fulton Home, you have more decisions than the wood tone or color. Simple style changes really affect the look of a kitchen. Let’s visit the Fulton Design Center to take a look at some cabinet door choices.

Do you want a curved molding at the top of your cabinets? You can see this look if you check out door visible in the middle cabinet on the second shelf. This traditional approach lends softness to your cabinetry, and some people feel it adds warmth.

Perhaps you like things simple. If so, consider the Shaker style. The door on the top left in the first display cabinet shows the Shaker style in light maple. While this demonstrates some personality – more than flat-surface doors – it creates a relatively undemanding background allowing you to exhibit some splash in other areas.

If you want your cabinets to be front-and-center in your kitchen, how about choosing the door on the bottom of the middle display? The variations in molding create a light-and-shadow look that draws the eye. If you add a glaze the variations will pop even more.

Don’t stop with the cabinet doors. Take a look at your choices of knobs and pulls. You may prefer stainless to coordinate with appliances, or how about the oil-rubbed bronze finish to add some old-world warmth? Be sure to touch as well as look. You will be using your choice for many years on a daily basis!

One last suggestion: take a look at the kitchens in the models and the Fulton Design Center. They can help you decide which style would work best for you in your own Fulton Home.

Choosing the Right Cabinets

Cabinet choice has the strongest impact on the look of your kitchen. It’s worthwhile to spend some time before you choose your cabinets looking at kitchen photos on a website such as Home and Garden Television’s to see how different cabinet styles and finishes affect the look of the final kitchen. We have several kitchen vignettes in our Design Center and sample kitchens in the models. These can all help you determine what you want your kitchen to look like.

Here are a few tips when you’re choosing your cabinets. This photo is from our Design Center, showing some of the cabinet options available to you.

Cabinet style affects the feel of your kitchen: If you want a more traditional kitchen, choose a cabinet with a more patterned door. The door at the top left in the photo above is a good example of a more traditional look. Take a look at the doors showing on the second rows of the next two displays. Those are also good choices for a more traditional appearance.

If you’re looking for a country feel, consider cabinet styles such as the one fronting the second row in the first display cabinet. The bead-board style in the center reflects a country mood. The painted cabinet door in the top row of the second display also provides a country look with a touch of shabby chic thanks to the style of the finish.

For a modern kitchen, choose as simple a cabinet as possible. You may want to consider a door with no molding or a Shaker style with a very simple look.

When you’re selecting your finish, remember that darker cabinets tend to create a formal look and lighter wood has a casual feel. Also some stains, such as cherry, will change color slightly over time. Remember too that your cabinet choice will have an impact on every other kitchen decision, so if you want a dark countertop or floor you may want to think twice about dark cabinets.

Be sure to experiment with cabinet choices, countertops and flooring together, to find the right combination. Our designers can help create the perfect kitchen for you.