Are Floral Prints Back in Style?

Florals prints use to be considered very retro. This style can be affiliated with “grandma’s couch” or your “old aunt’s wallpaper.” However, this retro styling is coming back into eccentric design styles. We saw these prints slowly come back into style in fashion in the spring of 2018; however, this year, they did not slow down. The craze for floral print designs trickled right into interior design. So, the question is: “are they here to stay or just a fad?” Let’s take a look!

Floral Prints and Biophilia 

Floral prints usually are based on patterns. These patterns use repetition to help create a dramatic effect. Patterns are always an essential element to consider in design. Likewise, Biophilia is also a belief that makes floral prints more important. For centuries, many people affiliate that happiness in design is capture by incorporating elements of nature. Natural skylights, indoor plants, hardwood floors, and many other elements all help contribute to this belief. Likewise, floral prints are no exception and allow both plants and patterns to unify in the design to help enhance your space. 

Fashion and Design 

It can sometimes be overlooked how closely interior design and fashion replicate each other. This is the easiest way to notice trends and forecast where designs are going. Floral prints have made their way back into fashion and thus have made a significant impact on interior design. We have seen dramatic increases in curtains, throw pillows, and bedding all incorporating more floral patterns than ever.

What is Next? 

We see patterns go through different phases. Perhaps, stripes did not get enough attention in the prior years and are coming back into style. We notice slight increases in stripes in fashion, but does this mean floral is gone? Not quite. Floral may be a trend, but it also plays some crucial role in incorporating nature and patterns into interior design; therefore, we believe it is here to stay.

By adding floral patterns to your home, you can keep your home feeling relevant and trending. These powerful designs not only give homage to the classic retro styling but also feel very modern and fun. Try adding some creative floral patterns to your home this summer and enjoy the many benefits they have to offer to your home’s aesthetics.