Large Master Bath with Cozy Feel

This generous master bathroom has everything you could ask for. Features include a large soaking tub, a substantive shower, husband and wife sinks and vanities with a sit-down make-up and hair station for the wife, lots and lots of drawer and countertop space, and enough room to make sure nothing feels crowded.

What makes this space special is the comfort element–It’s cozy. All of the design details and colors work together to make this bath a spot to relax. Let’s take a look at how various design decisions turn this bath into a haven for its owners.

Start with the colors. The rich selection of warm neutrals provides an instantaneous level of comfort. The tile, countertops, and wallpaper all combine to create an integrated space that says relax. The choice of rubbed bronze for the metal finishes on the faucets and lighting complement the color scheme. The only moderately cool tones come from the bath, sinks and lighting, but they just add to the clean, inviting feel of the room.

The cabinetry’s design and glazed finish make the pieces feel more like furniture. It helps to have the lower sitting area with the comfortable chair. The trim between the countertop and mirror is echoed around the tub, linking every part of the room together.

Finally, there are certain touches that make this bath special. Framing the glass in a way that suits the room, and the glass block windows that provide plenty of daylight while protecting privacy help this bathroom feel warm and intimate. Altogether, this bath is designed to please.