A Fresh Start on Organizing your Home: Keeping the Guest Bath Company Ready

From the Fulton Homes La Quinta Model

From the Fulton Homes La Quinta Model

Every homeowner with children has a dream of a guest bath that is always ready for company. Instead this bathroom, often the most convenient for children playing outside or in the main living area, ends up a disaster.

Sinks don’t stay pristine when dirty hands get a quick wash before dinner, and it’s almost impossible to find any child under the age of 21 who replaces the toilet paper when they run out.Towels also get grimy and often end up on the floor and mirrors may have multiple handprints. And if you have boys, at best there’s a 20 percent chance that the toilet seat is down at any given moment.

What can you do to discourage a messy guest bath and keep it nice and organized, ready for actual guests? Here are a few quick tips.

Close the door: The simple act of hiding the room will encourage family members to head to another location. They may assume it’s occupied. You can also use this as a code for your family – if the guest bath door is shut, that means that you want it to stay nice for expected company.

Invest in home disposable towels. In packages designed to rest on top of a towel rack, these will keep scruffy hands away from the nicer guest towels or the dressier rectangular disposable towels that sit on your sink.

If your bath is designed with a pedestal sink which provides no storage, add a small storage bin or chest to hold extra toilet paper and a box of kitchen counter wipes. In a pinch, you can do a fast sweep of the sink with one of those wipes.

Have a lined wastebasket in your guest bath. This encourages the family to place trash in the right spot, and a liner is easy to remove when guests are coming over.

You’ll never really solve the problem as long as your kids live t home, but you’ve made your life easier. You can’t expect your guest bath to stay the way you want it constantly, but with these simple steps you may be able to create a space that is ready for company – at least most of the time.

Vanity Valet Provides Innovative Solution to Bathroom Clutter






Hair dryers, curling irons and hair straighteners or crimpers add to clutter and can pose a hazard due to heat and electrical cords near the sink. Fulton Homes is pleased to introduce a solution – the Vanity Valet – that takes advantage of that unused space in front of the sink to store hot appliances away from countertops.

This option easily handles the challenge of multiple cords with individual metal slots designed to hold any hot bathroom appliance and easy-release cord holders to keep everything under control. Open the vanity to remove and use any appliance then you can put it right back without having to wait for it to cool. Close the door and no one will know your secret solution to keeping your countertop tidy.

The Vanity Valet has an optional pre-wire, which allows you to keep your hair appliances plugged in and ready to go within the drawer. This video shows you how the Vanity Valet operates.

Anyone who has accidentally brushed a hand across a hot hair appliance will appreciate the greater safety of the Vanity Valet. From an aesthetic viewpoint, this also keeps your bath looking more like a spa than a beauty salon. This option is particularly valuable in a teen bathroom with multiple users.

For just a small investment, Fulton homeowners can take advantage of this innovation in bathroom storage – exclusively available in Fulton Homes. Talk to our design center designers for more information.