Using Animal Prints to Spice up Your Interior

We often place emphasis on using different color variations to liven up the interiors of our home. However, animal print is a palette that often gets neglected. In fact, using animal prints in your decor will take your design scheme from bland to exciting. From accessories, furnishing, and textiles, animal prints can be used in many ways to liven up your decor. Today, we are going to take a look at five ideas for incorporating animal print. Let’s take a look!

Mixing and Matching Prints

Can you not choose between leopard print and stripes? Who says you cannot use them both? You can mix and match animal prints with other types of patterns. The best way you can achieve a mixed print and pattern look is to unite them with color. In addition, when pairing print variations, you should keep the animal print small so that it does not clash. If you are not ready to start mixing and matching prints, you can purchase pieces over time until you warm up to the idea of space full of different prints.

Use Artwork to Balance Prints

Are you afraid that you will create a space that looks like it should be in the middle of a Safari or jungle? If so, you can use artwork to balance out the prints you use in a space by incorporating sculptures, animal paintings, or artwork that uses some of the same colors of the prints you are featuring. Seek out different types of artwork from online vendors or your favorite home decor outlets for optimal results.

Pairing Solids with Animal Prints

Using your favorite animal print against solid surfaces and furnishing makes for a great accent. Cheetah, leopard, and giraffe prints stick out from neutral tones. Using animal prints with natural colors like brown, white, and even dark green can help balance the prints with the rest of the space.

Forms of Animal Prints

There are numerous possibilities for animal prints. You can purchase them in upholstery, fabrics, and textiles. However, you are not limited to textiles and upholstery. You can use animal prints as embellishments on your furniture, picture frames, and lamps. Also, you can see such prints in other accessories like wastebaskets.

Do Not Overdo It

While there are a variety of ways to implement your favorite animal prints, be careful not to overdo it. Be selective with your prints so that you do not create a space that looks unflattering or even tacky. It is all about finding balance.

What are your thoughts on animal print? Do you feel more open to incorporating it into your design after reading these tips? Let us know your thoughts below in the comment section.