Ottoman Coffee Table Designed for Comfort

fulton family roomThis family room spells comfort. One reason is the choice of an ottoman coffee table. It practically begs you to put your feet up and relax. When you’re planning your family room, style has value, but be sure to build in comfort too. Let’s take a look at some of the ways this room makes everyone who enters it feel at home.

Softness: Yes, a sofa is standard equipment for a family room, but this one has oversized cushions and plenty of throw pillows. It’s big enough for everyone to spread out and relax. When you choose a sofa, make sure it invites people to sit and get comfortable.

Ottoman Coffee Table: This choice is so much more inviting than a hard surface. The tray works well when people need to set down food or drinks, but there is still room for resting your feet. This oversized ottoman suits the sectional, but the graceful legs and space under the cushion keeps it from feeling too heavy.

Curves: This room offers a wealth of curves to keep everything soft and flowing. From the circular tray centered on the ottoman to the wavy lines of the table lamps and oval dinette chairs, this room shows a soft line. There are even curves above several doorways.

Gentle Colors: Grey and cream with just a touch of rosy pink keeps the room on a soothing plane. Most of the light is tempered by shades and the dark floor provides just enough contrast to keep the space interesting.

When you design your family room, don’t let comfort stop with an ottoman coffee table. Instead, build coziness into every space along with style and you will have a home that everyone will enjoy.