Decorate Using the Four Elements: Earth

Mediterranean at Ironwood Crossing EarthLong before the science of chemistry came into existence, ancient philosophers and scientists thought the universe consisted of only four elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. And even though we know better now, it’s still fun to use these concepts to decorate your home. Let’s take a look at a room with an emphasis on earth.

The colors start the analysis. Earth tones predominate in this space. Notice the dark brown wood, brown sofas and beige and brown chairs. Brown and rust drapes complete the color scheme. There are a few touches of red and green – in the plants and the arrangement on the dining table. The deep blue of the throw pillows isn’t normally thought of as an earth tone, but against the brown sofas and combined with pillows that include that shade of blue along with earth-tone stripes, it works.

Next, let’s look at materials. Stone predominates, with the strong stone facing on the fireplace and porcelain tile in the dining area. Notice also the  pottery accessories on the coffee table. The clay that produced these three pieces is the ultimate earth material.

Choosing a warm wall color and the warm-toned shade of the table lamp at the back of this photo also echoes the feeling of the Earth element.

Are you the most comfortable in an Earth-focused family room? What other elements make a room feel like it’s connected to the earth for you?

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