Make a Dramatic Entrance

DSC_0086Your foyer creates the first impression people have when they walk into your home. What can you do to improve the impact of your entryway? Let’s take a look at the Fulton model from the Legacy community to get some ideas.

Flooring: The foyer provides a great place to be daring with your flooring. In this home the design includes a dramatic flooring layout. This floor combines dark and light contrast with a strong diagonal pattern to pull people into the home and announce immediately that this is no ordinary space.

Legacy Models 014Lighting: Most foyers have one primary light fixture, and this one is designed to draw the eye. The rich bronze echoes the brown lattice in the flooring.

Architecture: While the flooring is all sharp angles, the ceiling adds some soft curves to the design. The circular coffering on the ceiling, highlighted with a lighter color, takes advantage of the architecture of the space to add another layer of contrast. The curve is gently echoed with the high window, adding a spot of daylight and another point of interest. Overall, the architecture of the space contributes to the drama of this entrance.

DSC_0085Vista: What do people see beyond your foyer when walking into your home? In this case the flooring carries the eye into the rest of the home. Notice, however, that there are two unique sconces framing this view. Once again the dark bronze and long lines of this lighting choice mirror the flooring, pulling the room together.

What do you want your home’s entryway to say about you? If you take advantage of all of your choices, you can create a space that provides just the right first impression.