Inviting Guest Bathrooms

DSC_0111Your guest bathroom may be the smallest room in your home, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t pack a design punch. Here are some approaches to create excitement in your guest bath.

Add splash to one wall. In this bathroom, small square tiles in a mosaic pattern help the space to pop. This look would be hard to pull off in a larger room without looking busy, but a guest bath has the perfect proportions to allow you to take a chance. In addition to tile, consider a strong paint color or a large wall mural to add interest.

Bring in a stunning sink. Long ignored from a design perspective, sinks today can add style to your baths. This vessel option is deep enough to avoid splashing while making it stand out with its sleek shape and above-counter design. Choosing white for the porcelain fixtures is smart given the strong colors of the other design elements.

278Frame the mirror. Framing a bathroom mirror adds warmth. The frame allows you to carry the wood tone of the vanity up toward the ceiling and makes the space feel more like a dressing room rather than a standard utilitarian bathroom.

Use contrast. In the bath shown here to the right, the dark wood tone fits with the dark flooring and the lighter grout ties in with the white sink. Dark and light merge to create a drama that neither would be able to carry off on their own. White towels and accessories help finish the look.

Have fun with your guest bathrooms; they can contribute a lot of style in a small space. Both of these bathrooms are from the Fulton model in the Fulton Homes Legacy community.