Lighting that shows Style as well as Function

masterAs you plan your new Fulton home, don’t underestimate the design impact of the right lighting. A good lighting plan provides two benefits: the appeal of the lighting elements’ style in the home and the way the lights create the ambience you want.

Legacy Models 041More and more, chandeliers are moving out of dining rooms and appearing in master bedrooms, bathrooms and even walk-in closets. Any space that would benefit from the charm of an interesting hanging light works with the right choice of chandelier.

Take a look at the chandelier in this master bedroom from the Fulton model home at Legacy. The traditional candle style is modified into a transitional piece by the geometric cage surrounding it, creating a piece of interest and charm. Additional ceiling lighting combines with matching table lamps to make a space that is sophisticated and still inviting.

DSC_0091Adding to the mood, two smaller examples of the same style light up the seating area, helping to make it a special niche all its own.

Plenty of natural lighting also contributes to the mood of this room. Using shutters allows homeowners to adjust the light according to the time of day, bringing in the outdoors while shading away any glare.

Have you spent any time thinking about a lighting plan for your home? Combining style, mood and ambience, your home’s lighting can make the difference between a nice place and a well-designed space. For more ideas, visit the Fulton Design Center or the model homes at Legacy.