Warm up Your Home for Winter

5899210_SWhat a cozy scene. The soft shaggy rug, a fringed wool throw, and a linen-covered throw pillow set the picture. Add a cup that used to hold hot tea and a good book and you’re set to enjoy a chilly afternoon – wrapping up with a nap.

It’s easy to create this type of winter mood in your home. Try these additions to your normal décor.

Soft rugs: The bare wood and tile floors that are so cool and inviting in the summer feel chilly when winter comes. Adding some area rugs – preferably thick and inviting to your toes – warms up the look as well as the feel of a space.

Throws: Bring a wool or knitted throw into your living room, family room or bedroom. Displayed casually in a basket or tossed across the arm of a sofa, a throw says cozy comfort. Those with fringe and in plaids or heather tones look especially comfy. If you have a large family you may need more than one to avoid arguments on cold evenings.

24439134_SPillows: Look for knitted covers or natural textures that fit well with your throw or throws. Think of the feel and look of a pile of sweaters lying on your couch. If you sew, consider picking up a sweater or two at the local thrift shop and cutting them down into pillow covers. Knitted cables, leather or wooden buttons just add to the winter personality.

Hot drinks: Soup in a mug, hot tea or coffee, and the always inspiring hot cocoa – with marshmallows – will warm up any room. include a few cookies or cheese and crackers – read a favorite book or put an old movie on your television and make the most of the winter days!