Bring a Taste of Spring to your Winter Home

801743_SIn Arizona, winter means beautiful cool weather, sunny days and time to take long walks or eat al fresco. In the rest of the country, however, winter holds on to moods and weather with a vengeance and back there they’re far from the spring we’re already experiencing.

If you or friends or families are in the middle of this very difficult winter, here are a few ideas to remind you that spring is coming – eventually!

Bring branches inside: Forsythia and pussy willows can be forced to bloom if you bring them inside and place them in water. Pound on the woody stems with a hammer to help them soak up water, and watch the yellow forsythia flowers and fuzzy willow buds open up.

Take a look at how inviting these branches are in this winter room. The small yellow blossoms say just wait – spring is on its way.

23771815_SForce bulbs: Paperwhites, tulips, amaryllis and hyacinth respond well to early forcing. You can buy bulbs already planted, order them online or set them up yourself. Check online or on Pinterest to get the instructions. They are all beautiful, but nothing smells as wonderful as hyacinths in bloom. With one plant, the entire room will sing of spring.

18586921_SPlant herbs: A little inside kitchen garden looks charming, smells lovely, and adds freshness to your meal prep. Consider a mix of basil and Italian parsley to add to salads and pasta sauces. Add mint in its own pot – it spreads too much to share – and perk up desserts with a couple of leaves on top. Rosemary has a great smell and just a small amount turns chicken into something special.

You can bring spring into your home, or into the homes of others, by adding these simple fresh plants and flowers to a room or two. And if you live in the Midwest or New England, remember that winter will leave eventually, bringing lovely weather for you while we swelter. So we don’t gloat.