Silver Gives a Touch of Winter

5602580_SIf you have children – particularly little girls – you’ve probably seen Frozen. The story, the music and the characters are delightful, and the scenery really puts winter front and center.

For those of us who live in Arizona, winter is not the icy adventure presented in the Disney movie, but you can bring a hint of winter’s splendor into your home using silver.

More and more, metallic paints liven up old pieces of furniture such as the bombe chest shown in this photo. Add an old-style upholstered chair and ottoman with silver leaf on the wood and rich modern black and silver upholstery, and you’re headed for your own winter design.

Black is the perfect pairing with the shine of silver, setting it off while providing the perfect addition of drama. Notice the dark burgundy silk throw pillow – a touch of dark red or turquoise will spark the black and silver with a bit of color. The silver-framed mirror, chandelier visible through the glass, and the selection of silver accessories finish up the room into something you would expect to see in Elsa the queen of Arendelle’s bedroom.

19419998_SYou can create your own silver furniture simply. Look in thrift and antique shops for a table, chair or framed mirror with some character such as the occasional table in the photo to the right. Choose something inexpensive, possibly with a damaged finish, so you aren’t covering a beautiful patina with paint.

Wash the piece and sand lightly. Before painting, wipe it down with a tack cloth to remove any dust. Look for a good quality silver spray paint. Take it outside to protect yourself against the fumes and set it on a drop cloth or newspapers to protect your landscaping. Spray the piece, using several light coats to finish it completely.

So maybe you really don’t want to recreate a Disney film set in your home. You can still bring a bit of winter silver to a corner of any room that could benefit from the additional splendor.