Making 2014’s Top Color Work in Your Home

25272599_SPantone, one of the most influential color companies in the world, selected its 2014 color of the year: Radiant Orchid. Soon you will see clothes, accessories, and home elements such as wallpaper, paint and linens in this vibrant shade.

If you’d like to incorporate Radiant Orchid into your life, here are a few suggestions, ranging from all out to a simple touch of this warm mid-tone lavender.

One inviting option involves paintable textured wallpaper and just the right shade of paint. This accent wall captures the feeling of Radiant Orchid, using a slightly darker tone to ground the wall.

11879796_SIntroducing a pop of the color in one strong block gives you the impact you want while making it easy to change in a few years if you fall in love with another color. Surrounding this wall with neutrals and bringing in a rich green – the natural complementary color for purple – allows the wall to draw the eye without overpowering the rest of the room.

If you want to incorporate this Radiant color into your everyday life without a large investment of time, space or dollars, look for small functional home items to spark up your bathroom or kitchen. This espresso maker adds a splash of Orchid, and the tablecloth supports this with stripes that pull purples in as well as other colors to balance the look.

10643751_SMaking this type of decorating choice allows you to play with trending colors while still maintaining the longer-term look and style you enjoy. Combining trendy with classic elements such as the white cup and saucer shown provides a design balance that’s fun with staying power.

One final option: how about going simple by adding an actual orchid in Pantone’s radiant color such as this one to the left? After all, long before Pantone selected this color for 2014, nature had it featured in a number of its finest products!

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