Trend Spotting: Wall Mounted Headboards

Upholstered headboards are a big trend in design right now. A variation on the upholstered headboard is the wall mounted headboard as seen here. The wall mounted headboard can make a big design statement as well as save space in a bedroom.


This wall mounted headboard features an ebony wood trim around a central panel that is upholstered and tufted with buttons. The headboard has a clean modern look with its black and grey colors and clean lines.  If you are using wood on a wall mounted headboard, you may want to coordinate it with other wood furniture and the wood on the floor. Having a dark, ebonized wood headboard with light wood floors would not look as polished as having both woods be in the same tone.


Wall mounted headboards can be done in a number of upholstery types and sizes. If you don’t want the permanence of a wall mounted headboard but you like the look, you can hang fabric from a rod behind the bed.  Another less permanent option would be to stretch fabric on a canvas stretcher and hang that above the bed for a similar effect.


When choosing an upholstery and finish for a wall mounted headboard or any upholstered headboard, select a fabric that you can live with for a number of years. Solid colors may stand the test of time more than the latest pattern. Choose classic colors and neutrals and update your bed linens to follow the trends to make the most of your investment.