Traditional Dining Room Decor

Formal dining rooms often follow a pattern in their design. Many formal dining rooms have a traditional style even if the rest of the home is more casual and comfortable.  In many minds, the dining room should be formal and for many of us formal means traditional.  This is the room where we dress up for dinner and celebrate holidays and milestones.


Achieving a formal feel in the dining room is often done with traditional design elements and furnishings.  Even if your style is more modern, these traditional elements are the foundation of any formal dining room.  You can take the traditional elements and modernize them to suit your taste, but you’ll find that you use the same pieces as a traditional style dining room does.


The dining table is the focal point of the room. Surrounded by a set of six, eight, ten or twelve chairs, the table is centered in the room by a light fixture, most often a chandelier.  The chandelier is typically hung thrity-something inches above the table, low enough to relate to the table and high enough not to interfere with the sight lines from the chair.  Other pieces in a traditional dining room include a sideboard or buffet and often a mirror above it.


This dining room has all the classic elements of a traditional dining room. Crown molding, a chair rail and picture molding below add a formal feel to the room.  The large area rug ties in the striped pattern of the wallpaper and the colors of the table and chairs.