Boldly Colored Home Décor

Sometimes design rules should be broken. Today’s design trends are turning traditional design rules on their sides. One of the most followed design rules is to purchase large investment pieces in neutral colors of grey, white, tans, browns and blacks. Breaking this rule and purchasing seating in bright, bold colors can be the perfect decision for some decors.


In a neutral decor, a red sofa, like the one pictured here, will be the star of the space.  Any brightly colored piece of furniture will be a focal point in a room with a neutral color palette.  Aqua, green, yellow, purple or red are bold colors that can work well with neutral colors and not feel too feminine or masculine.  A pink or fuchsia sofa will feel more feminine while a navy or royal blue might work better in a more masculine space. A boldly colored headboard is a great way to highlight the bed in a bedroom.


Boldly colored furniture in a colorful room that features bright colors on the walls and floors should either contrast with the wall or floor color or blend in with the other dominate colors of the room. Having more than three colors in a room can make the energy in the room feel too intense. White rooms with a boldly colored sofa or chair is a nice way to add pops of color.


With a custom made slip cover in a white or other neutral color, the boldly colored chair or sofa can be covered up should you tire of the bright color.