Stripes in the Kitchen

Kitchens tend to be neutral color spaces with wood or neutral colored cabinets, neutral wood or tile floors and neutral stone counter tops. All these neutral colors can be gorgeous in the kitchen since they play off one another in both color and textures. A nice pop of color and pattern can help add a little more pizzazz to the neutral kitchen.


Stripes are a fantastic pattern for the kitchen. Stripes are a gender neutral pattern so they won’t make a kitchen, or any room, feel too feminine or masculine. They add great graphic pattern and can also be done in multiple colored stripes for a burst of color in the kitchen. White and a single color stripe creates a crisp, classic look that will work in kitchens from farmhouse to contemporary. Multicolor stripes are more lively but can also work in most kitchen styles.


Stripes can be used on curtains, valances, shades and cafe curtains in the kitchen. Striped runners, like the one seen here, make a great rug for in front of the sink or stove, or between the island and wall of cabinets. Striped tea towels and dish cloths continue the possibilities of stripes throughout the kitchen. Of course there are also striped glassware and dishes if you really love stripes.


As with any pattern you will want to monitor how many stripes you use in the kitchen. A single striped pattern is great but stripes of different sizes and colors used in a single space can make the room feel very busy.