Fall Decor Ideas for The Busy Homeowner

Whether you are hustling your kids to their next soccer game or working overtime at a full-time job, you can say that you are a busy person. Most times, it is a miracle that you get done what you do during the day. You have other parents impressed and jealous. While it may look like you have it all together, you realized that you have not had time to decorate yet. Unfortunately, decorating is yet another thing to add to your giant to-do list. But do not worry because we have created a decorating guide for the busy homeowner. Even you, supermom, can accomplish these decorating ideas in under an hour. 


Fall Decor Ideas for The Busy Homeowner:

  1. Faux Leaves. Bring the beauty of the season indoors by decorating with faux leaves. You can line the fake leaves across your fireplace’s mantle, staircase, or even your bookshelves. They are an easy solution for homeowners that do not have the time to go all-out on decorating! 
  2. Happy Fall Banner. Banners are a fun and easy way to decorate. Plus, you can personalize them for any occasion. You can buy a pre-assembled, blank banner at your local craft store then take a permanent marker and write a fun fall message like “thankful” or “boo.” Banners can look great over your fireplace or even on your front door. 
  3. PaintedPumpkins. Decorating with pumpkins is one of the easiest solutions for busy homeowners. If you have time, buy spray paint and paint your pumpkins different colors. Recently, homeowners have been incorporating white pumpkins throughout their home’s decor. It provides a clean, classic look that you may be interested in trying this year. 
  4. Fall-Scented Candles. Decorating is not the only way to incorporate fall. Fall-scented candles can help guests and family members embrace the season. 
  5. Acorns and Squash. The next time you are grocery shopping, look for fall finds that you can incorporate into your decor. Items like squash and acorns can make great centerpieces for your dining room table. 
  6. Sunflowers in a Mason Jar. If you love fresh flowers, sunflowers are the perfect choice to add a touch of fall. Not only are they beautiful, but they have a yellow hue that we just adore. Try adding some fresh sunflowers throughout your home for a festive look. 
  7. Dollar Aisle Finds. Halloween is only one day; therefore, you should spend most of your time on decorating the home for fall. Fall decor can last you until Thanksgiving which helps you get your money’s worth. For last-minute Halloween decor, check your local dollar aisle. You can find cute little items for an amazing price! 


We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks! Happy fall!