How to Hang Artwork

Hanging artwork can be very time consuming, frustrating and expensive if you damage the sheetrock. Just like everything else, there is a right and wrong way to hang artwork. We will share a few tips below that reveal how to hang the picture properly.  Follow these tips to help hang almost any frame and make your wall the perfect focal point in the room!

  • Placement – I know you find yourself standing there staring at a blank wall and are unsure of where to hang your artwork. If you have only one or two pieces to hang, stand back and visually place in your mind where you want the art to hang.  Often people hang art too high, hang art at eye level! Physically take the art and place on the wall in your desired spot. With a pencil, draw a centered short line on the wall at the top of the frame. If your frame has a wire on the back of the art, simply measure from the top of the wire in the center to the top of the frame. Go back to your line on the wall and measure down from the top line to the distance of the centered wire hanger and mark. Erase the original top line, so you don’t get confused about the proper placement mark. If you have multiple pieces of art, start out by placing the pieces on the floor for a symmetrical or asymmetrical look, whichever fits your taste. As you stand back at look at the items on the floor you can visualize how they will look once hung. You can also move and mix until you get the desired look!
  • Techniques for Strength – If possible, drive the nail into a wall stud for the most strength. Invest in an inexpensive stud finder.   Although in most cases, where you want to hang the art, a stud will not be present. Generally, studs are every 16 inches on center and are 1 ½ inches thick. For small and medium art, a 1 ½ or 2-inch nail in the sheetrock will suffice and hold securely. Always drive the nail into the wall at a 45-degree angle. This technique ensures a stable and secure hold. For large pieces of art, purchase hollow-wall anchors with screws.  Anchor sets will match the weight of the artwork. Use a small drill and choose a drill size to match the size of the anchor. Once you drill the hole, tap the anchor into the sheetrock and simply screw the screw into the anchor.
  • Straightness – If your artwork is not hanging level and straight, simply purchase some small plastic bumpers that attach to the back of the frame with self-stick tape. What a simple fix!


Have fun turning your home into your personal art gallery!