Bathrooms with Upscale Style

basha bath 3If you want to give your home’s bathrooms an air of upscale style, it all comes down to your design decisions. Just a few changes from the standard approach can turn any bathroom into something that will catch the eye. Here are a few suggestions to make your bath stand out.

basha bath 2Lighting: Possibly the most important factor in bathroom design, lighting adds a decorative element and also has a direct impact on how the mirror reflects your face and the room itself. Notice how the dappled pendants soften the light in this bathroom. A choice like this one creates amber light and shadows – making the bathroom stand out even without any other special design elements. The oversized curved light in the second bathroom makes the lighting evenly distributed and the translucent shading softens it.

 Tile: The backsplash mosaic in the first bathroom adds personality as well as providing a focal point. With just a small profile, this tile allows visitors to enjoy the look while using the sink and mirror. The curved edge tile in the second backroom mirrors the curves of the light while bringing a deep contrast that works well with the painted and glazed cabinets.

Faucets and towel bars: Both of these bathrooms have oil-rubbed bronze fixtures, providing a warm and effective transitional look. Because these bathrooms are from the same model, the Basha at Legacy, the cabinet and faucet choices are the same, creating a consistent look throughout the house. But by choosing different tile, light fixtures and sinks, the bathrooms are completely different in style and feel.

As one of the smallest rooms in your home, the bathroom provides the perfect palette for adding style without adding a lot to your budget. For more great ideas to make your bathrooms exceptional, visit Legacy and check out the bathrooms in all of our models.


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