Make a Fulton Home Yours: The Fulton Design Center

Graphic Design Center 013 (1)Can you visualize the home of your dreams? Are you ready to create it? The Fulton Design Center contains everything you need to make your home particularly and uniquely yours.

Start by selecting various architectural features such as different moldings and trim for your home. Look into some built in cabinets to make your life easier. Take the time to choose the perfect cabinets, countertops, flooring and appliances to create your dream kitchen. Now take a few more minutes to add a backsplash that turns your kitchen into an eye-catcher.

Carpet Design Center 057Do you prefer carpeting, hardwood or tile flooring? You will discover a rich selection in every category. And with every choice, you know that Fulton Homes looks for quality, value and integrity from its suppliers and installers, working to ensure that you are happy with the results.

Design Center 026In the master bath, add a large shower or a shower and tub. Choose your vanity, countertop and flooring to meet your goal of a luxurious space for you to enjoy every day in your new home. Once again you have your choice of a wealth of reliable and appealing products. And pay attention to the extra features such as an option that gives you a place for your hairdryer or curling iron in the panel in front of the sink, normally a wasted area.

Tile Display Design Center 024 (1)The Fulton Design Center is designed for you as a place to create reality to match your dreams – dreams of the perfect home for you and your family, this year and for many years to come.