More than Pictures on your Walls, Part 2

25932550_SIf you’re drawn to the rustic look or just need to decorate a man cave, look no further than your garage or backyard shed for wall décor.

The display of three hard hats on the left really works, grime and all. It seems as though three guys came in and hung their hats up before taking a well-deserved break from a day of hard work. This hat display is very different from the one in the last blog on wall art!

6715183_SThese work boots have a dramatically different feel from the ballet slippers in the last blog also. Once again, it’s the sense that these boots have seen some hard use that makes them work so well. Don’t discard options because they are well worn. Instead, think of the scars and damage as the patina of long years and enjoy those things that make your choices unique.

Other options for your walls include tools, ropes, harness and tack, and gardening implements. You may find that some things work well together. Creating a montage of old tools or favorite baseball caps could add interest to a weathered wall.

7933900_SIf you’re not satisfied with the options in your own home, shop local stores for collectable items such as the horseshoe to the left. The shoe is well-worn, like the other items in the photos above, but it’s the old handmade nail that brings the age of the piece to life.

Do you have a rec room or family room that could benefit from this type of unique approach to your walls? These photos demonstrate how something that’s thrown in a corner can have a real impact when it’s given a chance to shine. Look with new eyes and you never know what you’re going to find for your walls.