More than Pictures on your Walls, Part 3

4552270_SIf you’re looking for ways to make room for some special items, consider turning your walls into active storage, while adding some style and variety to the look of your home at the same time.

The guitarist whose wall is shown in this photo created a truly wonderful display of his instruments while keeping them safe and handy for playing. Other musical instruments could be used in the same way. If you have a favorite hobby, consider hanging some of your favorite elements of it in plain sight.

11323448_SIf you’re a cook who enjoys the ability to grab the right tool without opening a drawer, how about hanging some of your favorites on a wall in your kitchen?

You can purchase a similar system of S-hooks and metal cross pieces at stores such as Ikea, and the pop of all this stainless steel would be a wonderful backdrop to complement your stainless appliances. Add a couple of colorful pot holders and you have a work unit that’s also a work of art.

The kitchen display below combines decorative pieces from long ago with a nice selection of useful pots and pans. Maybe the teapots and trays atop the copper shelves belonged to the cook’s mother or grandmother, and they provide a nice reminder of helping to prepare meals as a child.

493988_SThe bright copper pot racks and the collection of cheese knives below bring life and color to the montage.

What do you have hidden in a drawer or cupboard that could add unexpected charm to some space in your home? You may want to position a shelf or two and see what you like sitting on them. All it takes is some imagination and a little daring and you can have walls as interesting as these are.