More than Pictures on your Walls: Part 1

5534193_SWhen you plan your walls in your new home, don’t limit your thinking to traditional two-dimensional art.

Yes, posters, prints and paintings make for a wonderful look in a space as well as showing your taste and preferences and providing pleasant views for you. However, don’t let your imagination stop there.

With the help of a few hooks or nails, you can hang almost anything and make an inviting wall display.

Take a look at the simple photo to the left. A young girl’s ballet costume and a pair of classic toe shoes combine to do more than fill space, they tell a story of part of a child’s life.

10483559_SYou can go even simpler with just one hat. The dark painted wood board with matching knobs sends an old-fashioned message which is complemented by the classic straw boater shown here to the right.

This display is functional as well as charming. The other hooks can be used for outdoor gear when needed and in the meantime, it creates the image of a country home from the past.

You may not even need to go shopping to add interest to your walls. Revisit some of the things you’ve accumulated over the years to see if they would make an intriguing wall display.

10703497_SFor example, take a look at the wall to the left. These hats may have belonged to the homeowner, or a mom or favorite aunt. By combining them together in a casual way, they’re out of their hatboxes and given the opportunity to paint a picture of another time.

What clothes or accessories do you have hiding in your closets that would make a fun display in your home?