Movie Design Inspiration: “American Hustle”

20672687_SThe film “American Hustle” is set in Atlantic City in the 1970s. For many people, this era is still too recent to bring back into your home, but there are elements to this style that may be worth a second look.

First, remember that this is Atlantic City – an East Coast version of Las Vegas. Therefore you’re looking at not just 70s décor, but over-the-top décor. Consider the luxurious evening gowns worn by the women in this movie – it’s all about glamour.

This hotel hallway carries through with that imagery. Patterned wallpaper, red carpeting and dark wood all combine to create the mood of the film. Notice the use of shaded sconces on the walls. This adds an old-world feel that spells money. This hotel was designed to give you the experience of a high-end hotel with a look that is much more common in the Eastern U.S.

4550128_SWhile you may not want to carry the theme this far in your own home, capturing a bit of the design of the film is possible while still developing a décor that is glamorous without looking campy or dated. Take a look at the bedroom below.

The patterned wallpaper has a hint of the 70s style, but choosing a matte brown and white paper tones down the gaudiness present in the photo above while still capturing the best of that era.

Dark wood furniture also matches the style of the film, and the furniture selected here is rich with an authentically luxurious appearance.

Finally, by using shaded sconces with a light color to coordinate with other furniture in the room, this bedroom moves from furnished to thoughtfully decorated.

You don’t have to totally leap into a film’s style to use some elements from it to make a room in your home more interesting or inviting. Just select those ideas that work well for you.