Movie Design Inspiration: The Great Gatsby

14671866_SIf you saw “The Great Gatsby” with Leonardo DiCaprio this year, you may have been drawn to the art deco drama present in the film. Long strings of pearls, beaded purses, and over-the-top sets created a world that tempts us to find a way to bring it home.

However, the look of that time is rather overwhelming for 916182_Scontemporary tastes. For example, check out the photo below of a deco hotel ceiling complete with a dramatic lighting fixture highlighting it. Layer upon layer of what is probably wallpaper in the high-contrast combination of red, green and gold emphasizes the varying levels of the ceiling itself. Setting off the look the over-sized bronze and amber glass pendant, about human-size, hangs on a long chain.

8566943_SYou can create a deco feel by grabbing a few elements from that time and incorporating them into your home. Take a look at the bathroom pictured. The rich colored border – set at eye-level – creates the same mood as the bevy of wallpapers in the earlier photo but on a much smaller and simpler scale.

The black marble floor echoes the style of long-ago and the look carries forward with white marble walls.

The vanity also shows an art deco flavor with its shaped and curved legs and marble top. Notice though that the faucet and fixtures are highly contemporary. This brings the space to the present.

One last art deco touch comes from the soap dispenser with its aura of another time. This bath could include some period art and possibly a small statue or vase from the era to finish the look. Think about what you could do in your home to bring the magic of “The Great Gatsby” to life.