Making your Home Yours – DIY

18165356_SOne of the advantages of buying a new Fulton Home comes from personalizing it to your taste and preferences through the Fulton Homes Design Center.

Once you move in, tackling a simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) project can help you make your new home feel even more like it’s yours. To explore some DIY projects for all skill levels, you might want to search Pinterest under DIY home ideas.

You might want to assemble, paint or stain, or even decoupage pictures onto a chest like the one to the left. Or create an interesting series of hooks for coats and purses just inside the garage using branches, old doorknobs, or even plastic animals. These and more ideas are available with Pinterest.

Some pins give detailed information, such as the ones that help you choose the right type of tool for every situation, or provide a how-to for painting furniture without having to sand first.

Other pins may have no real information, just a picture with an idea. But with some planning and research you may find detailed instructions for just what you’re looking for to tackle a home project.

Most people think of painting walls when it comes to DIY. Pinterest can help there too. Maybe you want to paint horizontal stripes on one wall – just search “paint horizontal stripes,” and you will find pin after pin with directions, images and ideas for approaching the project.

Do you want wide stripes? Maybe you’d like a subtle option – then take a look at how lovely stripes in the same color, but contrasted by layering a matte and glossy finish.

Even a simple project can help you love your new home even more. After you’re unpacked and settled, take a few minutes to browse through Pinterest to look for projects that catch your fancy and fit within your skill set. And have fun in your lovely new home, built just for you.