Fulton Homes Design Online – Tile Flooring

Ceramic Tile in Design Center- Rachel's KitchenWhere would you like tile in your home? Most people would choose it for bathrooms, many for kitchens, and some people want it throughout much of their living space.

Tile is extremely low-maintenance and lasts for the life of your home – two good reasons to choose it. The exciting thing about tile comes from the incredible variety of looks, sizes and shapes available.

Take a look at the tile above – Interceramic Royal Windsor 10 inch by 20 inch brick pattern staggered. You can take an in-person look at this tile at the Fulton Homes Design Center. But you might want to start your search earlier with Fulton Homes Design Online.

In addition to ceramic, porcelain tile is available for your Fulton Home. Porcelain is harder than ceramic, and more complex to install. Many people are drawn to its stone-like appearance.

Ceramic Tile in Design Center - Bobby's KitchenYour tile flooring can also change dramatically with your choice of installation options. For example, the flooring to the right is set at the diagonal. This can make a room feel larger, and draw people through an open-concept space. Talk with your designer to learn more about installation choices.

Finally, don’t ignore the variety of grout choices. A neutral, light or dark grout can dramatically change the look of your floor. While you’re at it, be sure to have your grout sealed. Grout is the only part of a tile floor vulnerable to staining. Sealing your grout eliminates this situation.

Take the time to consider tile. In the right place with the right selection, it provides flooring to suit your taste and your maintenance goals, and it’s a dramatic option in your home.