Create a Welcoming Guest Room

This guest room is simple yet striking thanks to the combination of dark furniture and rich fabrics.

Let’s consider what makes this room so inviting and ready for your guests.

The matching nightstands provide space for a book or a glass of water. Notice the decorative box at the nightstand to the left. It contains snacks and personal needs such as a toothbrush or shampoo. Both nightstands have lamps, which create the opportunity to read before going to sleep.

A guest room doesn’t need the decorating details you might put in the rest of your home. Lots of furniture, art or accessories may make a guest room feel cluttered or like a guest is borrowing someone’s room for the night. Instead, think of it as a particularly nice and comfortable hotel room, with just enough furniture to be functional and one or two simple accessories.

The chest of drawers at the right side of the image gives the room a great space for guests to unpack and place their things if they will be staying for a while. The top of the chest could hold a flat-screen television or anything else that will make your guests feel at home.

The window treatment is simple, with blinds giving the room privacy when needed. The big splash is reserved for the bed, with a striking rich red patterned duvet and coordinating dust ruffle and smaller pillows.

The final features a guest room should have aren’t visible from this photo, but a smile of welcome and directions to the rest room down the hall are all that’s needed to complete the picture. With just a little effort and a small budget, you can make your guest room as appealing as this one.