Must-Have DIY Exterior Doormat

Doormats can be the first thing people see when entering your home. Stores tend to sell generic doormats, but would not it be fun if you could make your own? Plus, personalizing a doormat is even easier than it seems with these simple steps:

Plain Coco Coir Doormat
Painter’s Tape
Adhesive Stencil Paper
X-Acto Knife
Cutting Mat
Foam Paintbrush
Exterior Paint

Step One. Download a template from online. The template will serve as your “greeting” on the doormat. You can choose words or an image. Print out the template and lay it where you would like it to sit on the doormat.

Step Two. Take your adhesive stencil paper and place it over top of your template. You want the sticky-side of the stencil paper to be facing downwards.

Note: You can find adhesive stencil paper at any local craft store.

Step Three. Using painter’s tape, fasten the adhesive paper on top of the printed template.

Step Four. Take an X-Acto knife and cut around each letter.

Note: You may want to place a cutting mat underneath your printed template to avoid damage to your table.

Step Five. After you have cut around the letters, peel the adhesive backing off of the stencil paper. You will then place the sticky part on top of the doormat where you think it looks best.

Step Six. Secure the adhesive paper by pressing it down into place.

Step Seven. Take your stencil from before and line it up with your recently pressed down adhesive part.

Step Eight. Grab your foam paintbrush, and in a light bouncing motion, you will begin to paint over the adhesive.

Note: For the best results, move in up and down directions for neat lines.

Step Nine. Allow the doormat to dry for 24 hours.

Step Ten. Place the doormat in front of a door, and voila, you have your own custom doormat.

Custom doormats are the perfect gift for newly-weds or new homeowners. The next time you are looking for the perfect gift, try making a personalized doormat! You may be pleasantly surprised with the results. Thanks for reading!

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