Decorating with Antiques: Mixing Old and New

Perhaps one of the biggest interior design myths is that you should not mix old pieces with new ones; however, there is no reason that your grandma’s “old” plates have to be confined to the attic. The easiest way to create a monotonous room is by sticking to pieces that reflect a single style period. In fact, the most stylish rooms are designed with different design elements that are both old and new. While you are shopping for edgy, modern items, you will want to consider how you can pair the new pieces with antique accessories.

If you live in a standard space that lacks unique architectural elements, adding vintage items in the midst of contemporary pieces will add character to your home. Antiques are great decorative pieces because they usually tell a story and the fact that they have stood the test of time is just amazing. It is essential to utilize a neutral color scheme to pull off this effortless look. Neutral colors will not distract from the design, instead contribute a beautiful canvas space for the pieces. Now, decorating with antiques does require some skill. While you do not want your home to be a recreation of a museum, it is also dull for your room to look like an exact replica of the furniture store’s showroom. To master the balance, here are some tips for mixing old items with the new pieces in your design:


Many antique collectors like to purchase vintage items and convert them into something more useful or display them in a way they were not created to use. For instance, a vintage dress can be cleaned and used as a hallway table, old Victorian chairs can be reupholstered entirely with a funky patterned design to look completely different, and a treasure trunk can be used as a coffee table.

Grouping Similar Items

If you have a few vintage items you want to showcase in a room, you can try grouping the “like” items in one area. You can give your antique dishware a home in the dining room armoire or build a shelf to hold your antique collections. This way, they are displayed in the same area and create a feature piece rather than a sporadic design.

Mixing Elements

The best way to make antique items stand out in a room is by combining them with contemporary pieces. Modern furniture enhanced with vintage accessories is a great way to start. A modern coffee table with an antique lamp makes for an eclectic design and beautiful balance. If you feel a little unsure, mix in old decor pieces slowly. You can build up the room over time to help your space remain balanced.

While mixing old with new sounds like a challenge, we hope our top three tips make you confident to tackle this project. For more expert advice, please visit us at Fulton Homes. Thanks for reading!