Home Hacks

Moving into a new home is an adventure and a great opportunity.  Having a clean slate to decorate and add your furnishings is a tremendous privilege; however, there are some super simple mistakes people make, time and time again, when moving into their new homes.  Sometimes, simple home hacks and lifestyle tricks can really showcase your home. We put together three quick techniques to showcase your pride in your new home and to help keep it looking clean and dapper. Let’s take a look!
Home Hacks:
  • Wire Tuck
So many people ignore the eyesore that wires can create.  Remember to tuck away all wires running to and from electronic devices. Prevent any tripping hazards by cognitively placing furniture over or around exposed wires to lamps.  If wires have been exposed running to a television, consider getting clips to consolidate the exposed wires.  You can even paint the wires to match the wall paint to help them blend better with the atmosphere. Making sure your wires are all properly hidden in your lamps, computers, and televisions is essential to showcase that you care about your home.
  • Make Your Bed
This cost you absolutely nothing but shows your proud to be in your space.  Making your bed not only is a great style habit to develop but always leaves your room looking clean and fresh.  A tidy room will also look bigger.  So, make your mom proud by making your bed this year and keeping a neat looking bedroom.
  • No More Clutter
Minimalism is a great habit to develop.  It can keep the functionality and aesthetics of your home always in check.  For example, do not keep clutter on your tabletops or shelves. A clean, minimalistic atmosphere is ideal for allowing your homes openness and architecture designs to take the spotlight.  Limit the decor to only the essentials needed to strengthen your environment and understand that less is more.
These simple but effective habits can help your home feeling clean and always welcoming.  Try incorporating these into your home in any stage, whether you have lived there a day or a year to help strengthen the space. For more home hacks, visit us at Fulton Homes.