What to Keep an Eye Out for in an Antique Store

Antique stores can have many hidden treasures available to homeowners, but with so much to look through, we can begin to feel overwhelmed. Sometimes, the biggest challenge is to know what to keep an eye out for while you are shopping. Designing your home and having a general plan on what to buy is key when shopping. To help you, we have listed four items that interior designers search for in an antique shop. Let’s take a look! 
What to Keep an Eye Out for at an Antique Store: 
1. Persian Rugs
Persian rugs are a great find in an antique shop. These high-quality rugs have beautiful woven patterns and designs that add character to any room. Make sure to keep an eye out for these hidden treasures when you are in an antique shop because these stores are the perfect spot to get a superior rug at a great buy.

2. Antique Mirrors
Antique mirrors are another item you should be on the hunt for in the antique shop. These framed mirrors look great in all styles of rooms. Antique mirrors and mirror frames can have a charm to them you do not get in mirrors today. 

3. Quality Furniture
Look for furniture with high craftsmanship skills. Some antique furniture was built to last for years and years. Take advantage and find a piece that will be a great addition to your home. Look for solid wood pieces like coffee tables, and quality-made dressers. You will be surprised how long this furniture can last in your house.

4. Multipurpose Furniture
Keep an eye out for multipurpose furniture and furniture you know will serve a use in your home. There are so many unique items in an antique shop for you to add to your home’s decor. Make sure what you are looking for pieces that will serve a purpose in your home. Finding multiple-purpose items with extra storage on dual-purpose seating can be a hidden treasure in and of itself.
Next time you go into an antique shop consider an item to look for before starting your journey. This does not have to feel like a daunting task. Antique shops are fun and a great way to add character and charm to your home’s decor. For more tips and tricks, visit us at Fulton Homes

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