Fabulous Fire Pit Ideas

Whether you are hosting your family or friends, a fire pit is an excellent addition to any patio or backyard oasis.   Fires are relaxing and captivating to sit back, relax, and enjoy.  The mix of tranquility and destruction has always had a psychological effect on the mind.  Adding a fire pit to your home is the perfect way to unwind at the end of your day and experience the outdoors.  We put together a couple of our favorite fire pit designs for you to add to your home to help transform your yard into a gorgeous, welcoming outdoor haven.
  • Classic Fire Pit
The classic design can be made from traditional fire pit stones which you can purchase at your local home and gardening shop.  This round design gives you the capability of building your fire pit to the size you want.  These stones can be loose-laid or sealed to provide a more permanent feel.  Classic round fire pits are great for hosting events because they give the most freedom of seating.
  • Gravel Fire Pit
If you put your fire pit in your yard, graveling the surrounding area designates the area.   You can make the space as large or as small as you desire.  Purchase seating you think helps enhance the look that you are going for in your yard. Whickered chairs, rustic logs, and modern stools are great accessories. The freedom is yours to amplify your yard.  Contain your fire with the classic design or use some loose boulders.
  • Earthed Fire Pit
Submerge your fiery design with an earthed fire pit.  Dig a hole to the desired depth to use for your fire.  You can put red stones or reflective fire glass of your color preference to help this look.  This is a great looking design which contains the fires width as well as height impeccably!
  • Modern Concrete Bowl
Modern designs have been flooding the market.  For this look, invest in a gas fire pit or concrete bowl design. These modern designs work great on any patio. You can choose even to use mosaic tiles to add to the patio’s fire pits design.  
All fire pit designs give you the freedom to express your style.  Adding a Rustic style fire pit or a Modern themed one is your personal preference.  Adapting your yard to how you seem fit is a fun and great way to get to love your home.  So, spend some time outside this autumn, find your place of solitude or host a social gathering with a beautiful fire pit. Believe us; your fire pit will be a home investment you will use for decades to come.