Tips for Adding Vibrancy to a Kid’s Bedroom

When designing a kid’s room, you may be tempted to drench the walls in a bold and vibrant hue to give the room some personality. After all, a kid’s room is supposed to be fun and energetic. But before you begin adding color here and there, experts say you can still create a vibrant look while keeping the walls as a neutral-based color. Here’s how:
Determine Your Accent Color.
Accent colors are one of the many ways you can add a sense of playfulness to your child’s room. When picking out accent colors to implement in the design scheme, you can use your kid’s favorite color as inspiration. Here are a few ways you can add bold and vibrant colors without changing the wall colors:
  • Removable Wallpaper.
Stick and peel wallpaper is available in a variety of colors, textures, and designs. It is even manufactured in designs such as camouflage, animal prints and other types of patterns that help dress up a wall. Removable wallpaper effortlessly adds a fun nature to the room, but it also looks mature enough to stay on the walls as your child gets older. 
  • Furniture and Accessories.
Make a big statement with the furnishing and accessories that you pick out for your child’s room. For instance, a floral bed set or a bright red headboard will add a lot of style to the room. You can even use colorful picture frames on the walls for extra style. Try doing some creative like painting the dresser their favorite color or let the child put their own personal touch on it by putting their handprint on it. Bold colored accessories will stand out against the neutral-toned walls.
  • Wall Decals.
Create a custom design on the wall with wall stickers or decals that can be easily removed. Wall decals can feature your kid’s favorite cartoon character, shapes, or confetti-inspired designs are also trendy. You can let your child decorate the walls as they desire with the wall stickers and you will not have to worry about fixing it later since they remove easily. 
  • Accent Rug.
Add a hint of color with an accent area rug. Whether it is pink or a bold pattern, an accent rug can add some vibrancy and texture to the room while pulling together the whole design scheme. 
For more expert design tips, be sure to check back weekly. Thanks for reading!