A Garage Makeover

If you have a garage, you probably just use it for parking your car; however, there is so much more potential for your garage than viewing it as just “a space.” Consider your garage as part of your home, if you are okay with parking outside or have extra space in your garage, here are some awesome garage improvement ideas!
  • Storage Shed
Usually, the secondary use for a garage is storage. Do not just make it a cluttered mess though. Building shelves is a great way to maximize your space and optimize your organization. Hang bikes from the ceiling with hooks, and put sporting equipment in bins and baskets. Try to separate items, perhaps splitting up the outdoor garden and lawn care equipment from fun outdoor activity storage.
  • Workshop
Build your garage into your workshop. Have a workbench and a place for your toolbox. You can even use a pegboard to hang your tools as well and even create it into a shadow board, so you know when something is missing. Tailor your workshop to the work that you will be doing in there. If you enjoy carpentry, add room for your saws and install an easy-to-clean sawdust floor. Whereas, if you plan on working on your car in there, you may want flooring that is slip resistant or can easily remove oil.
  • Mancave
Make your garage your getaway retreat from home. Install whatever you desire in your new mancave! Put seating and your favorite form of entertainment. Whether you put a billiards table, television, video games, or bar, make sure your entertainment can handle the room temperature. If you live in an area with extreme heat conditions, you may need to invest in insulation and a temperature control unit.
  • Home Gym
Put some rubber floor down or keep it concrete. Your garage will make the perfect spot for your home gym. Not only will this save you on dragging heavy gym equipment into your home, but your garage can handle the weight. Put a folding squat rack on the wall to tuck away when not in use. There is so much new weight equipment being design today for your garage space in mind. You can even some mirrors up and a treadmill and be ready to go. Design your gym to tailor your training style.
As you can see, there are many more uses for a garage than just parking your car inside of it. Try creating a space that will accommodate to your desires. You can do your whole garage or split it in half. Be creative when designing your garage and remember it is part of your home, so use it!