Simple Ideas for Decorating

Have you ever entered a room and been instantly drawn to its decor? There is just something about that space, and you cannot quite put your finger on it. How does one master the art of decorating? Is it a trait you are born with having? While these questions may be going through your mind, we are here to assure you that you can master the art of decorating with our eight simple ideas. Then you too can have the space that everyone is desiring. Let’s take a look!  

Simple Ideas for Decorating:

1. Your Reflection

Mirrors are a designer’s best friend. They reflect natural light to create a more open, brighter space. Plus, you can incorporate some stylish mirrors to feature a beautiful twist on the classic look. 

2. Always Accessorize

Another easy way to add style to your space is through accessories. Chic clocks, modern art, and rustic lights are examples of accessories that can add personality and style. 

3. Go Green.

Greenery can add life and beauty to your room without taking away from the other decor. You can even incorporate plants in different ways. From hanging plants to windowsill succulents, you can create a homey feel with added greenery. 

4. Au Naturale

If you are lucky enough to have it, natural light can be a considerable asset inside of your space. Not only does natural light brighten up the space, but it can help make your room feel more open and big. And in turn, a more open space feels more inviting for guests. Just be sure to use the proper type of curtains to ensure you are letting in light. For example, sheer curtains can be stylish and functional for allowing natural light to flow throughout the space. 

5. Splash of Color

While neutrals are soothing and a traditional choice, there is something special about a splash of color inside of a room. With a tasteful addition, you can add personality and style to your space just by incorporating some color. From a bold bedspread to an electrifying sitting chair, the options for adding color are endless. Just be sure to limit yourself. You want to be sure that the room is not overwhelmed by the amount of color. 

6. Be Bold

Decorating is your chance to be unique. Be bold and different with your design and let your creativity go wild. You can even gain inspiration from others through online boards, magazines, and television shows. 

7. Texturized

Texture can help add dimension to your space. You can incorporate visually stimulating pieces that have a soft or unique texture. For example, blankets, pillows, and rugs can be used for style, but they can also be used to add texture and detail. 

8. Clear out Chaos

The best way to make your design plans go the furthest is to clear out any clutter. Make sure countertops are clear off non-decorative pieces and try to keep your space clean and clutter-free.  

We hope you enjoyed these tips! Be sure to check back weekly for more.