How to Bring Your Walls to Life

Wall décor can make a big difference to the overall aesthetic of your space. Every designer knows how valuable wall décor is to complete a room. Not only can wall décor give you the opportunity to express yourself but it also enhances the design of your space. From shelves to pictures, here are six wall decors you need to consider adding to your space to balance out those bare walls:
1. Pictures.
Pictures are usually the first wall décor piece considered. Photos can be anything from a poster, canvas, or framed artwork. Framed art can express highly desirable character and add balance to your room by merely matching the frame with other woodwork and accents pieces found within the room. Get a big picture to make a statement or stack multiple smaller pictures to add charisma to the room. Be creative, images can be stack vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or even sporadically. Two long pictures can be placed in a room next to each other to amplify the height value of a room. Likewise, a long horizontal painting will visually add to the length of the room. You can even frame wallpaper to put a splash of color into the room without wallpapering every wall.
2. Shelves
Perhaps, the most functional wall décor to contemplate installing is shelving. Add floating shelves to store books and showcase houseplants. Do not be timid to stagger sizes of shelves on a wall. Corbel shelf can be a great solution to hold candles or other display pieces. You can even install wall-to-wall shelving to serve as a headboard with functional storage or underneath a television to amplify your entertainment system’s appearance. Consider standalone shelving to be placed against the wall to add balance and symmetry.
3. Tapestry
Wall tapestry is another sophisticated option to add an elegant look to your walls. Textile art is a great way to decorate your walls while adding warmth to the atmosphere of the room. Hanging tapestry can be done in a variety of ways other than just hung flat against the wall. You can hang tapestry around curve walls which is an excellent option for rounded rooms where pictures cannot hang. Try hanging the textile art pieces to create a canopy look above a bed or couch or even using a rod. With so many designs and styles to choose, wall tapestry is perfect for giving a room your personal touch.
4. Wall Art
Contemporary, rustic, abstract, you name it; there are thousands of different varieties of wall arts to incorporate into your place. Adding sculptures to your walls will give that desirable three-dimensional flare your home needs. Copper coverings, brass panels, abstract murals, even mosaic backsplashes are great to turn a boring wall into a grand marvel. Try putting decorative keyholders with chalkboards, taxidermy mountings, and clocks in rooms to add to your room’s theme and ambiance. Incorporating wall art that best expresses you and the room’s theme will revolutionize your dramatically.
5. Mirrors
Mirrors are imperative to consider because they can transform a visually confined space into a much larger spectacle. Large mirrors are perfect for big walls, especially in areas where you may want to see yourself before exiting the room: bathrooms, entryways, foyers. Smaller mirrors can be framed or bought in sets to add above couches or as a backsplash behind a dining room table. Mirrors will also help spread light throughout a dark room and help boost the energy.
6. Lighting
Correspondingly, a great way to amplify your room’s appearance is installing more lighting. Light rails hung on walls will not only add to the energy in the room but can also be used to spotlight focal points in your space. Hang rail lights above a picture or a couch to create a livelier environment. Wall lights can come in a large variety of shapes on styles. Adding Edison bulbs to an antique copper sconce can give a room a rustic look whereas, contemporary wall lights can be fun to arrange throughout your room giving a more modern edge. Finding the perfect light will rejuvenate a lifeless room into a lively sanctuary. Contemplate, whether you want dimmable lights as well. Dimming lights are great additions that can change the ambiance with ease.
With so many options to contemplate, you can understand why interior designers see so much value in wall décor. It can recreate the environment with lightings or add value to the atmosphere with pictures. Having a better idea of these options to consider will aid you in your quest for creating your perfect home.

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