Landscaping in Arizona

Arizona has beautiful, colored scenery, unique plant life, and dazzling landscaping.  Yet, many homeowners get intimidated by customizing their landscape and adding plants because so many plants cannot survive in the desert heat; however, there are so many kinds of native, beautiful plants that can withstand these harsh climates and can have your landscape looking like a desert land dream oasis.  Consider these three principles in customizing your landscape into the curb appeal you desire: 

  • Irrigation System

You will need to make sure you have the proper irrigation system for your landscape.   Making sure that the drainage is adequate for your landscape is key to plant life. Ordinary landscapes can consist of gravel, concrete, rocks, or even some turf or grass.  Keep in mind that most of the native plants do not need to be watered as much but should have proper drainage, irrigation, and landscape care.

  • Pool or Firepit 

Add some personalization and class to your backyard by adding a fire pit or even a pool.  Add to your patio and make it a welcoming hangout for guest and family. You can customize your backyard into a focal feature for entertainment with some minor tweaks of seating and lighting.  A well-lit patio will keep the entertainment outside even after dusk, where you can enjoy your firepit.  A pool is another great addition to help compensate for Arizona’s intense heat.

  • Plants

Your curb appeal starts with your landscape.  There are many desert plants that you should consider including in your landscape to personalize it and make it feel stunning.   Cacti and shrubbery can be used as the foundation of your landscape, but beautiful palm trees, lemon trees, and orange trees can help add height and color to your yard.  Different flowers can also add to the value of your home and can be added around your property.  

Your landscape is your first way to express yourself and your style.  Adding the perfect balance of trees, shrubberies, gravel, and cacti can make your curb appeal spectacular.  Make sure to keep up and maintain your landscape, so it does not get out of control.  Your curb appeal is just as important to your home and expressing yourself as the inside; therefore, you do not want to neglect it.