Scents That Make Sense

You put time into how your home looks, how it feels, and the energy the atmosphere portrays, but how much time do you invest in making your home smell beautiful.  The fragrance of a home can be one of the quickest influences on changing how an environment is portrayed.  If you have animals, you may need to be overly cognitive of scents in your home that you may have grown accustomed to smelling.  We put together some tricks and tips on how to eliminate odor, some great smelling remedies, and natural methods to bring indoors.

N’odors (No Odors)

If your home has a bad scent, it can really hurt your overall atmosphere.  You can either mask a smell or try to eliminate it.  Try to locate the odors throughout your home.  Are they coming from your carpet, maybe the trash, or even your furniture?  You will want to tarnish the source, eliminate the smell, and prevent the return of unwanted odors.

  • If you have pet-damaged carpet, you will need to replace it to remove the smell.  If it soaked through to the subfloor, try putting baking soda down before installing a pad.  
  • If your trash is smelling bad but continues to smell after you take it out, you will need to deep clean the inside of your trash receptacle.  Take it outside or in the tub and wash it out.   Wipe down the inside with a disinfectant wipe and vinegar.  Make sure you dry it properly to prevent mold.  At the bottom of your receptacle, put some banking soda to absorb odors and place in a new trash bag.  
  • Furniture can be as simple as washing your sheets, but some furniture can trap bad odors.  You can try cutting an apple and sitting it face down on the odor to absorb it.  Also, baking soda can be applied and left overnight and vacuumed off in the morning.  Abolishing the odor at its source is key to making your home smell better.  Consider investing in an air purifier.  Air purifiers also can help clean out the old scent and leave your home with a fresher air aroma.

Scents You Need

Now, that the bad odors are gone, its time to create the scent you want in your home.  Candles are a great solution to apply to your space to have a great smelling area.  You can also get fragrance or sprays to put them in areas where you do not want to light candles.  This can keep the room feeling fresh throughout the night or while you are away.  Another great natural remedy is adding flowers, put eucalyptus leaves a vase or burn scented oils.  Adding the scents to your home will make it warmer and more inviting to your guest.

Make sure you eliminate bad smells before trying to create new ones.  Seasonal scents are great ways to keep festive but no matter what you do make sure it is not too overwhelming.  Fragrances in your home should tease a pleasantly scented atmosphere.  For more great tips and tricks, visit us at 

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