Embracing Summer in Your Home’s Design

Most of us live for the longer days and the warm weather that summer brings. Summer is all about relaxing and having as much fun as you can. So how can you bring such an energy into your home? Rest assured, you do not have to own a beach house to get those summer vibes in your home. Here are some summer-filled decor ideas that you can try in your own home. 

Embracing Summer in Your Home’s Design

1. Add Some Color to The Room.

Dark colors are great for the fall and winter; however, in the summer, you want to create a light and airy look. In order to capture this look, you will have to take advantage of bold, bright colors to add some brightness into the room. Adding new colors to a room does not have to be expensive or a permanent change. For instance, you can transform your dark neutral color couch into something bright and fun with removable slipcovers or blankets. You can even add emphasis to the look with colorful throw patterns with exotic patterns. If you are scared to go too bright, you can stick to neutral colors such as bright whites and beige to create an airy feeling in your home. 

2. Get Rid of The Drapes

In the summer months, you can store your more heavy draperies. They tend to weigh down the room. Instead, during the summer months, you will want to opt for something light-weight and maybe even sheer. These light-weight curtains allow the warm breeze to flow inside of the space while letting the sunlight glisten into the room. 

3. Bring in The Outdoors. 

Summertime is all about enjoying the outdoors. Bring the outdoors into your home by incorporating flowers and plants into your design scheme. You can let fruit arrangements serve as your centerpieces and incorporate plants around the room. Adding a hint of nature to your design strategy will add a homey feel. If you do not want to commit to real plants, you can always opt for faux pieces such as a plastic bamboo tree. 

4. Spruce up The Outdoor Area.

Whether you plan on entertaining outdoors during the summer months or you simply plan on retreating to your favorite outdoor space, you will want to keep it clean and fresh. Be sure to cut the grass, clear away old leaves and wipe down your outdoor furniture. Make sure your outdoor furniture is comfortable by adding pillows and throw blankets.

How do you embrace summer? Let us know in the comment section.